Schematic 24 tray VTD Barrier Isolator lrSchematic Engineering Industries manufacture integrated Vacuum Tray Drying (VTD) systems in both Rigid and Flexible barrier isolator design configurations.

Our flexible barrier isolator VTD is shown below under the "options" tab. For high integrity operation, we manufacture rigid barrier isolator VTD systems to suit client requirements. An example of an integrated Schematic 24 tray isolator and VTD shown to the right.

Our laboratory cGMP tray dryers provide a safe, hygienic and cost effective small-scale tray drying solution when used with our barrier isolator system range.

In addition to the VTD Barrier Isolator, within our Standard Group of companies we also design and manufacture "stand-alone" Vacuum Tray Dryers with 6, 12 and 24 shelf designs as standard.

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