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Schematic SpiderBotThe Schematic table top blender product range is perfect for use with all types of barrier isolator systems.

This innovative blender is designed so that the blending unit is positioned inside the barrier isolator yet the drive, coupling and electrical motor is positioned outside. This reduces particle contamination possibilities and offers the advantage of easier maintenance of the main rotary units.

Our modular approach means that various sizes of Schematic blenders can be fixed to the same drive unit; perfect for varying batch process applications in R&D laboratories.

The stainless steel polished unit is stand mounted, 100% cleanable and comes with a spray gun to easily clean the inside and outside of the blender as required. This is an ideal product which compliments Schematics positive and negative pressure barrier isolator range.

Contact our sales team to discuss how this product could be of benefit for your pharma production or laboratory development process - email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.