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Schematic Industries is committed to delivering exceptional customer service and providing world class, best practice containment solutions for all applications and project/capital budgets.

We have designed hundreds of barrier isolator solutions capable of attaining high levels of containment from hazard ratings OEL 1 to OEL 5. Such solutions include barrier isolators with both integral glove ports and/or barrier isolators with integral half-suits (as shown).

In addition to supplying new-build projects, we also undertake upgrade projects and Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC's) for existing plant isolators no matter who originally made the isolator.

Specialising in the application of rigid and flexible systems, typical applications include;

  • Discharging of materials including Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryers (ANFD's)
  • Upgrading of down-flow booths
  • Charging of materials
  • Dispensaries
  • Sampling systems, including reactors
  • Equipment coupling and de-coupling
  • Conveying of materials packing line enclosures
  • Safe change systems
  • Tablet packing (Blister Packing) machine isolators
  • Continuous liners and intermediate goods bag sealing