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Schematic industrial products finder imageSchematic Engineering Industries (SEI) was pleased to be included in a special report in the Industrial Products Finder last week (August 2016 Edition).

Mr Shreepad Hegde, Managing Director of SEI said, "The Industrial Products Finder hosts many of the essential products required by leading players in the Pharmaceutical Industry sector. It was very pleasing to see SEI there with two editorials covering the value adding services that Schematic provide".

Schematic Engineering Industries is a leading supplier of barrier isolator equipment to clients in the pharmaceutical, life sciences and biochemical sectors. Their products include, glove boxes, positive and negative pressure barrier isolators, centrifuge barrier isolators, ANFD barrier isolators... essentially anything and everything that requires a high performance containment/isolation environment for the processing of hazardous, potent and toxic substances.

Check out SEI's publications in the Industrial Products Finder magazine below;