Schematic barrier isolators111Schematic Industries are specialists at manufacturing bespoke, client specific Barrier Isolator systems to cGMP and cGAMP standards. We manufacture both Rigid and Flexible barrier isolator systems with a negative pressurised internal environment and Rigid isolators with positive pressurised internal environments.

Our negative (-ve) barrier isolators are essential where the process media is hazardous, dangerous or has an unacceptably high toxic level.

These barrier isolator systems operate under a light vacuum (100 Pa) to provide an uncompromising and continuous isolation of the interior from the external environment. This also provides a risk-free environment for the operator as potent vapours are taken to the systems filtered exhaust rather towards to operator.

Typical barrier isolator types/applications in both API and Formulation sectors are shown below, together with the design features and technicial attributes of Schematic's Rigid Barrier Isolator solutions.