Schematic isolator blendingBlending hazardous and potent substances is a major operational concern for chemical and pharmaceutical plants. The toxicity levels of argochemicals, for example, can cause serious operator injury and/or fatality if the substance exposure is incorrectly managed.

Schematic has a number of blending product technologies to suit a range of applications and client requirements. Commonly, blending takes one of two forms; mechanical rotary blending or gas blending with the objective to create a homogeneous blend of two or more powders, two or more fluids and/orr at least one fluid with at least one powder.

At the larger particle size level, we provide de lumper technology. At the smaller particle size level we provide a range of laboratory rotary blenders and/or jet mill technology.

Our laboratory blending technologies are designed to ergonomically fit into comfortable operator workstations inside closed barrier isolator units working in a positive or negative pressurised environment. Please also see our flexible or rigid barrier isolator range.