Schematic Industries manufacture Jet Mill Systems. The main advantage of a jet mill over other kinds of mills is that you can grind a friable or crystalline material to 1 –10 microns average particle size and classify in a very narrow particle size range at the same time. Furthermore, there are no moving parts to wear out or generate heat in a jet mill and no screens to plug or be punctured. Also, as there is no attritional heat because of the cooling effect of the jets, jet mills have won favour in many pharma plant operations.

A jet mill can be used in multiple applications, over and above particle size reduction. Typically Jet Mills are used to mix multiple powders into a perfect homogeneous blend. Furthermore, one product may also be coated by another and/or liquid additives can be injected under pressure through one or more atomising spray nozzles either directly in to the main grinding air inlet or into the vortex at the mill exit. Another use of the jet mill is for polishing the sharp edges on particles to make them flow or compress better and powders containing water or solvents can be flash dryed with hot air or super-heated steam.