Standard group dynamic pass boxes 1Schematic Engineering Industries designs, manufacturers, supplies and installs all types of containment equipment used in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical industry sectors, including pass boxes.

Pass Boxes are key pieces of equipment that are widely used across many industry sectors.

Commonly, there are 2 types which are: -

  • Static Pass Boxes
  • Dynamic Pass Boxes

Static and Dynamic pass boxes whilst are similar do have a fundamental differences.

Static Pass Boxes

These types of boxes are used to transfer material between 2 clean environments with little or no human intervention.

This box contains an electromagnetic interlock between the 2 doors and from a visual control point of view an LED light suggests when any door is open.

Dynamic pass boxes

This type of box is used to pass material from a non-controlled environment to a controlled environment.

Two interlocking doors on both sizes protect the controlled environment when any transfer takes place.

In summary-

  • The purpose is to provide barrier between areas and to sweep away the particulate load if present on surface of object being transferred to more clean area.
  • Static pass boxes are installed in manufacturing areas and filter the incoming air in order to keep the air free from dust and other contaminants.
  • Dynamic Pass Boxes use an interlock guard system which controls the inlet and the outlet and are to be opened at the same time which will then stop any cross contamination.

Typical Applications include: -

  • Clean Rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Light-industrial environments

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